Frankie goes to Holyrood

Frankie goes to Holyrood is voting Yes to Scottish Independence on when Indyref2 comes around. Read why here, and if you like it, share with your friends.

I'm going to vote yes! Never thought I'd do that. My grandpa was a big SNP supporter but I was Labour all the way. I remember the night Tony Blair got into power, we were in the student union when the votes came out and everyone was so happy, jumping about and hugging each other. At last! We were rid of the Tories! Everything would be OK!

Despite a promising start, the Labour administration did not turn out to be the socialist government I and many others had voted for. The obsession with pandering to undecided voters in middle England, Murdoch's media empire and George W Bush meant that by the end of Tony's reign we had lost civil liberties and national assets that it had taken decades of struggle to secure in the first place. We're now in the position whereby an unelected government can push through a bill (TTIP - look it up) that will make things irevoccably worse for future generations. And there's nothing we can do about it. Not a thing.

Except this.

1997 was the last time Great Britain had a new Prime Minister elected into office. That's nearly 20 years ago. In the years since then we've had deals done behind closed doors to decide who runs the country. The real deals are even more secret than that, as G4S, Capita, Glaxo Smith-Klein, Atos, CBI and other business and lobbying groups - or "thinktanks" as the sympathetic media like to call them - decide what the next set of government priorities should be. HS2, Crossrail, a referendum on the EU, privatisation of the Royal Mail, these acts were not made to win votes - the public by and large don't agree with them! And yet they got through the House of Commons, unchallenged. Because, bar a few mavericks, everyone in there is pretty much singing from the same hymnsheet.

I believe that the UK has to break up for its own good. The market model has been followed so slavishly that the entire economy depends on, and is dictated by, financial services based in South East England. That and arms exports, which might explain why we're so keen to keep a few wars going. It's obscene that people are resorting to food banks while the richest 1% own as much as the poorest 55% of the population. The model is clearly broken but the people with the power to change it have no interest in doing so.

I realise I've been pretty negative so far, but there are many positive reasons for voting yes. I just find it easier to rant about the things that annoy me! The only chance to get rid of Trident is self-governance. This country has produced some of the most influential literature, art, music, engineering and philosophy, and all without leaving our parents' house. Isn't it time we tried living on our own for a bit?

The Scottish Parliament has been a breath of fresh air so far. Debates are more civilised, policies more reflective of the wishes of the people and elections have delivered a broad Socialist concensus. It's not all been wonderful, but the good has far outweighed the bad. Why would anyone choose to let people in another country with no incentive to do good for Scotland and who've been proven to renege on their promises in the past continue to decide what's best for us? Why would anyone want to keep a system where you have no option but to keep voting Labour in the hope they'll be slightly less bad than the Tories after the Lib Dems betrayed you? Why would you prop up a sham of a democracy when you could vote for real change?

The only answer is fear. I have fear too, but my fear is that things stay the same. Let's change things for the better.