P Lidl

P Lidl is voting Yes to Scottish Independence on when Indyref2 comes around. Read why here, and if you like it, share with your friends.

Decided to go with yes. Completely happy to be convinced otherwise, but after a year of reading as much sane material as I could find, I haven't managed to find anyone who could do so.

There are many unanswered questions, and many things that worry me about a yes vote. None of these can compare to the insincere attempts to keep power by the UK parties, and the shifting set of half-truths employed to try and do so. I can see that the yes vote has its own set of rather hopeful expectations too, but ultimately, which system is more likely to deliver a result based on what's needed in Scotland?

The vested interests of a political class whose biggest scandal was spending money on Sandi Thom and taxis is favourable to a system based around dodgy expenses, revolving doors and multiple directorships. Labour won't fix that. The Conservatives won't fix it. There's not really any other parties who -can- fix it.

I think the trajectory that could be maintained with full powers is right. I am not a proud Scot or Brit or European but I am proud to live in place which is prioritising a publicly owned NHS, social care and free education (whatever the faults of the system, and there are many) while the rest of the country cannot. As unlikely as it is that these things can continue forever, to me it is a certainty that they will not as part of the UK, given the change in emphasis on public funding outside of Scotland.

It's a huge decision, but I've voting yes because I can imagine there's just a wee chance we can make it work. Let's set aboot it.